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Mouse Removal In Oceanside, NY

If you are searching for an expert mouse exterminator in Oceanside, Far Rockaway, or anywhere in Nassau and Queens Counties then you have found the right pest control company. Since 1980 homeowners and businesses have trusted us to exterminate rodents and insects from their homes and businesses. Rodents create an unsanitary environment and present a health risk to your family and pets. There are literally millions of mice and rats in New York. We offer our rat exterminator and mouse exterminator service In Queens and Nassau Counties. If you see a mouse or rat in your home or your place of business it can be frightening. Many people are deathly afraid of rodents and their presence brings on extreme anxiety. It is very important that you address the problem immediately. Rodents are prolific breeders and a full-blown infestation is a major health risk that will be more costly to remove. A1 Howies Exterminating, with almost 40 years of experience, has helped hundreds of clients with rodent infestations just like yours. Our experience is second to none and Howie is on every job. Our service includes the fast removal of a house mouse, mice, and rats. We also offer 24/7 emergency pest control service for our residential and commercial clients. Call us now for a fast, efficient resolution to your rodent problem.

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