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Stinging Insects

Wasp and Bee Removal In Oceanside, NY

Bees, wasps, hornets, and yellow jacks are the most common stinging insects that we are called upon to remove in Queens and Nassau Counties. There are many different species and they are all vital parts of our eco-system. If you have ever been stung by a bee or any of the above mentioned you will not soon forget the pain and discomfort associated with that sting. However, if you are allergic to stinging insects, getting stung can be lethal. All that said stinging insects often invade our property to swarm or nest during the spring and summer months. They may build elaborate nests we commonly refer to as hives. If you get too close to that hive and disturb it you may be attacked by its inhabitants. Unfortunately, stinging insects may put you and your family in danger. Stinging insects don’t just build hives, they may colonize your home, attic or garage through the smallest cracks that allow them access. If any stinging insects have invaded your property don’t try and remove them yourself and risk being stung, especially if you are allergic. During the summer months we get many calls for bee hive removal, swarming bees or bees in my house or attic. Give us a call and we will quickly and safely remove the problem.

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