How Do Exterminators Get Rid of Mice

How Do Exterminators Get Rid of Mice – Removal Guide

House mice are nocturnal creatures that infest a large number of homes in the United States according to surveys conducted by the National Pest Management Association. Mice are common house pets that are usually Gray in colour with Cream-colored bellies. Their fur colour varies from dark grey to light brown depending on the species and where they live. They are agile creatures with 4 legs and rounded bodies. Their muzzles are pointed in shape and the ears are protruding and covered in tiny hair. Their bodies designed to pass through the smallest of spaces are between 2.5 to 3.75 inches long and they have a long tail measuring up to 4 inches. These rodents multiply very quickly with the female giving birth to at least 6 babies every month.

House mice are not typically dangerous to humans, but house mice are capable of damaging appliances, and furniture, and even cause electrical fires when they bite through cables and expose the wiring. Mice often get into the house to avoid bad weather conditions. During the cold winter months, mice may start looking for shelter with food and make their way into your home and before you know it you are dealing with a large infestation at hand. Mice may carry disease-causing bacteria such as salmonella on their bodies. They can easily contaminate food sources, kitchen surfaces, and equipment as they move about the house.

How do exterminators get rid of mice, A good terminator learns about mice’s behaviour and their habits. They then inspect your property and determine which strategic pest control action to take to eliminate the pests. Exterminators sanitize the property well and follow-up extermination may happen to maintain the previous extermination efforts that eventually render your property to be rodent free.

How long does it take an exterminator to get rid of mice

The duration of mice extermination can take a few weeks or months depending on the method used and the size of infestation. To reduce the timelines, you may start making things easy for the technicians by clearing up wardrobes and pantries and moving things around to facilitate easy extermination while safeguarding your belongings.

Let’s discuss the various methods of extermination so you can get a rough idea of the timeline. How do exterminators get rid of mice? is a question that everyone asks. The answer is – it requires a lot of dedicated hard work and knowledge about mice to eliminate them from your property once and for all. It is important that exterminators utilize tried and tested methods to avoid re-infestation and the risk of returning rodents. A good pest control company has personnel who are well-trained in all the best practices of pest control.

There are a few set ways how exterminators get rid of Mice

The first thing mice exterminators do is study the habits of mice and their behaviours. Since they already do have wide knowledge due to experience. This makes them come up with creative methods to control the rodent population on your property.

The exterminators study mice behaviours including where mice usually live, how they move around the home, and what attracts them to a property. For example, exterminators learn about their breeding habits, and their food sources and get a fair estimation of the infestation that is currently harbouring on your property.

When opting for professional extermination, they start with inspecting the property thoroughly indoors as well as outdoors This gives a bird’s eye view to the exterminator of the infestation. This inspection can provide them with loopholes and nesting areas where the mice are residing so that they can propose correct strategies to solve the problem.

Finding cracks and gaps in walls and behind appliances and identifying different access points helps exterminators allocate places to keep traps or apply insecticide. They will also check for various reasons why the mice are infesting the home. Your kitchen may be that weak point that is providing plenty of food resources or the open trash cans that allow them to forage for food and multiply in plenty.

After inspecting the property of rodent infestations, an exterminator determines their strategy on how they will eliminate mice. There are different strategies that exterminators use when dealing with rodents, so, how do exterminators do to get rid of mice?

Setting Up Traps- Setting up traps around the house is an affordable yet effective method to catch and remove mice. Exterminators possess some solid knowledge about mice behaviour and can identify the correct places to keep the mouse traps. It could be near the garden, attics, basement or pantry, or garage. Exterminators may use snap traps, electric traps, glue traps, or live boards. As near the walls are the most likely areas which mice use to move around the traps may be placed around these areas. Traps are the oldest and traditional ways to get rid of mice and pest control make the best use of this easy option available to them.

Identifying and sealing entry points- If you saw a space in the wall and attic you would not think that these rodents can’t fit into them and move in and out with ease. Mice can reduce their size to squeeze through really small spaces, and you would be definitely surprised if you saw them do that. Mice have sharp teeth that gnaw into any kind of hard material that floors and walls are made of. An exterminator can spot these holes easily and potential places as well that mice may be working on to the nest. After which they will seal the holes with a durable hard material that mice cannot cut through.

-Steel wool and caulk compound: It’s a mixture that definitely deters mice to chew on it. When the exterminator fills the gaps with steel wool and caulk compound that is able to merge and smoothen out itself on any surface.

-Hard cloth- Windows and doors are considered a larger entry and exit points for mice. They are covered by exterminators with hardware cloth. This material is made with a mix of metal or plastic covered with cloth. It is breathable material hence a great choice to cover doors and windows.

-Strong building Materials: Some other materials used by pest control companies are glass, hard plastic, stone, strong cement, and metals. These are a good way to keep mice out of your home.

Fumigation- This is the last resort used by pest exterminators when the infestation goes out of hand and other ways won’t work, exterminators choose to fumigate the area. Fumigation is a largescale use of harmful chemicals so needs some preparation like keeping children and pets out of the area.

It’s imperative to prepare for fumigation as it is a toxic process. It is best to move out of the premises and find a place to stay somewhere else. Keep all the internal doors left open so that the mice don’t slip into these areas to avoid extermination. Doors to bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchens must be left open. Make sure all the food is well sealed and your utensils are locked away so that the poison doesn’t reach them. Turn off your gas before you leave the home.
Chemicals that are used for fumigation are- Magnesium Phosphide, Methyl Bromide, Aluminium phosphide, and Calcium Cyanide. Make sure you discuss this with your exterminator to confirm if these have severe long-term effects or have allergens.

Finally, how do exterminators get rid of mice completely- By Cleaning and sanitizing after a rodent infestation. It is very important to sanitize beddings, attics, carpets, bookshelves, drawers, clothing and upholstery that could be contaminated by a rodent infestation. Mice leave bacteria and spread infections where they go. Failing to clean the surroundings may put you at great risk of fatal diseases like Hantavirus, Leptospirosis, and Rat Bite Fever. The rat faeces and urine carry diseases and pungent odours that need to be gotten rid of immediately.

Ways to Keep Mice Out of Houses

The bigger and more serious the infestation the more effort is required in keeping mice out of houses. High-rise buildings give mice plenty of food and shelter to live and breed in. As they multiply really fast in large numbers, follow-up exterminations are likely needed to eliminate all the rodents. During follow-up visits, the exterminator can check if there are any mice still left and clear them to avoid re-infestation.

Follow-up with pest control is extremely effective. They can check for new nesting sites and provide help with resources and professional tips to keep mice out of your house. This is how exterminators get rid of mice infestation once and for all.

Their advice to maintain exterminated homes is to keep in mind the following:

  • Not all cats are mice hunters, so do not count on your cat to control mice infestation or to scare mice away.
  • Keep food tightly sealed and trash bins well covered.
  • Use natural repellents regularly like essential oils and baking soda at entry points.
  • Invest in ultrasonic devices to keep mice away.
  • Maintain a neat garden
  • Call pest control before the mice infestation causes great damage and gets out of hand.

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