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Cricket Exterminator In Nassau County

Every year we are getting more calls to exterminate crickets in Nassau and Queens Counties. If you have ever seen one in your home you probably will not soon forget. They are often called cave crickets, camel crickets or spyder crickets. Whatever you call them they are pre-historic looking, big and scary. When summer ends and the weather begins to cool, crickets will seek shelter from the cold inside your home or business. They prefer damp and dark spaces like basements and crawl spaces. Crickets use their powerful hind legs to hurl themselves around at light speed, often intentionally at you. Thankfully, crickets do not bite and do not spread disease. However, they have been known to gnaw on clothes. If you have crickets in your home don’t worry. You don’t have to move out or sign your deed over to these scary insects. Call A1 Howies Exterminating now and we will return your home to a cricket-free sanctuary.

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