Pest Control Services in Lawrence

Pest Control Services in Lawrence

It is no joke when your house gets infested by pests. The last thing you want to do is get your private space invaded by roaches, rodents and termites. Even stinging insects can cause you trouble when you are trying to enjoy some free time outside on your patio. Thanks to the team from A1 Howies, you will receive the best pest extermination services possible.

Right from exterminating pests to avoiding them from keep coming back, we have segmented our services under multiple heads. So, making way for the best extermination help is now possible once you have chosen our team to the rescue.

Being associated with pest control industry for such a long time, we know the right tools to use to get rid of infestation. Moreover, we don’t follow any standard package. At first, we will send out experts to inspect your space. Based on the current condition, we will start chalking out a custom made plan for your place.

Whether you want help in your residential unit or commercial ground, we have separate teams, able to serve the best purpose. Just remember to check out all the options we have, and then you can choose the right package you need. The rates are pretty reasonable so you don’t have to invest a lot of money on the same. 

Give us a call at 516-374-6030 or email us at and we will set out to cover your project right away!

Ants Exterminator Lawrence

Ants are noted to be everywhere, whether in your house or office space. They feed on food crumbs. You have red and black ants, and each one is known to work in a big colony. So, once you have spotted one ant, chances are high that your entire space is already infested with them. 

Black ants will not cause you any physical harm but they are known to destroy your food. If you leave your food open, then black ants will find their way to destroy it. On the other hand, you have red ants, whose bites are known to have a stinging feel. It can cause some irritation and red swollen spots, which you don’t want to encounter at all.

So, avoid all these issues big time by visiting us at A1 Howies and we have specially trained ants exterminators Lawrence to the rescue. Depending on the condition of your place, we will create the best extermination plan. No matter how tough the situation might have been, we have the right solution in store for you.

We will not just get rid of the existing ants, but will prevent these insects from forming any colony later. That’s how you know we are the best over here to get help from. Give us a call and we will head back to you ASAP. We have been working in this field for a long time and know the right tricks to follow big time.


Join us at A1 Howies as we offer the best ever cockroach removal services you have ever come across. There are different payment options available from our side and we even have bundle packaging. Our experts are well-trained, insured and licensed. So, they know the tricks to offer you with the best solution ever.

Dealing with a roach infestation can be pretty difficult, but it is mandatory to deal with such an issue as fast as you can. At the first sight of roach problem, give us a call at A1 Howies and our experts will head to your place with the best possible solution. You can easily trust our latest technologies and equipment, designed to get roach infestation under control.

Female roaches are known to live for around 200 days and can easily lay 30 to 50 eggs within their lifespan. So, your roach infestation can go from bad to worst within a blink of your eyes. We have decades of experience in handling the most common species of roaches quickly and using effective manner.

A roach infestation does not always mean you have untidy living space. However, the presence of these pests will create one unclean image that you need to get rid of. On the other hand, roaches can aggravate asthma among children. So, contact us at A1 Howies for the best ever and prompt service possible. We will head back to you with the most proven plan, to get rid of roach infestation big time!


While sitting outside in your lawn, have you been listening to some noisy chirping sound? Well, these are not from the birds but because your outdoor space is infested with crickets. Even though they don’t possess any health danger, but the irritating noise is what you need to get rid of. Furthermore, crickets are known to take their food from the garden soil. So, that’s pretty harmful if you have flowers and a well-decorated garden.

Contact our team from A1 Howies to help you with the cricket removal services quickly and in a rather efficient manner. In case you are finding any problems with this particular insect and on a regular basis, our services are just a call away! It is important for you to catch up with us and inquire about the best pest prevention services. You don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to get hold of our services at all!

We are more than willing to answer all your queries that you have about any one of our solutions, especially if you want cricket extermination help. Whether you choose us for cricket removal or any other pest control service, we will provide services straight from our professionally trained individuals. They are all set to answer your call and you will further know how we will chalk out the best pest removal plan in your case. 

We would love to be your number one choice when it comes to cricket removal services. Just remember to get in line with our professionals and pre-set a date and time with us, and never miss on an opportunity!


Even though you might have spotted just one mouse, it already means that your place is infested with rats and mice already. Placing traps is not quite enough for controlling these rodents at all. You are indeed in need of expert help, where the companies know how to deal with a colony of rats and mice. Well, look no further once you have chosen us at A1 Howies to the rescue.

The best and easy way to prevent any form of rat infestation in your place is by preventing the rodents from entering your private space. Once we have successfully dealt with the present outbreak, our experienced crew members will close up any crack or hole that might potentially provide rodents with the chance to enter your place once again!

Scratches and bites from mice can seriously possess some severe health risks to not just you but your family as well. On the other hand, poisoning them will cause them to die right inside your space and further spread the germs and diseases. If you want to avoid all such messes from taking place, deal with your mice problem right away with help from our side.

Give us a call for free estimate. There are separate bundling and financing options available as well. All it takes is just a phone call from your side and we will chalk out the right plan as and when asked for it. Being associated with this field for such a long time, we have the right tools to cover our mission. So, you can trust us blindly for top-notch results all the time!


Wasps and some stinging insects are considered to be highly beneficial for the environment. However, the same pests can pose some serious health risks when they have successfully made their home on your property. Around 50 to 100 people die every year from wasp stings, and that’s some serious news to focus at! It is mainly because of the allergic reaction to the venom, as released in those stings. If you don’t want to be yet another victim, contact us at A1 Howies for stinging insect and wasp removal services.

Even though most people consider wasp and bees to be the same, there are some differences in their treatments. Call our experts at A1 Howies to determine the right infestation you are dealing with and then get the proper extermination help. We have been into this field for a long time and know the difference enough to offer quality results big time.

We request you to trust out cutting-edge examination methods to eliminate wasp colonies in an effective manner. Our main goal is to keep you and your family protected. All of our chosen treatment plans are eco-friendly and we will recommend you to keep yourself and your pets and family members from the treated area for an amount of time for safety reasons.

So, next time you are looking for some free estimation on wasp removal services, feel free to contact us right away! We are more than happy to assist you in coming up with the best extermination plan. We ensure that your space is free from stinging insects and they won’t coming back for some more.


Bees are known for their help with pollination. It is because of these insects that you see such greenery all around. Moreover, you get some delicious honey to enjoy with your morning slice of bread, thanks to bees and their hard work. But, much like all the positive sides, bees are known for harming people with their dangerous stinks. They are overtly protected with their nests and will allow no one to come closer. Furthermore, bees are known to create their hives in warmer places, especially near your window or door, and even on your patio furniture. So, you have no other option but to remove them. You can’t do that on your own and that’s when the team from A1 Howies comes to the rescue.

Make sure to get in touch with the best honey bee pest control services by giving us a call. We are your one-stop integrated solution to remove hives from your place and prevent bees from making another new one. Just make sure to check out the options we have and the separate packages in store before making the right decision.

We will send our representatives first to judge the actual scenario of the place. After that, we are going to create provide the best and proven plan to remove bees safely from their hives and give them a new home to work with.

We have all the necessary protective gears to help with the removal process. So, our experts are safe from any stinging. But, we will request you to leave the space vacant for us when we will be working because we don’t want others to get hurt during the process. Choose us right away for any kind of pest infestation control by calling us at 516-374-6030. 


Flea infestations are not only irritating but also dangerous for your pets and even yourself. These tiny pests can reproduce quickly and spread throughout your home, making it difficult to eliminate them without the help of a professional flea exterminator. If you live in Lawrence and are struggling with a flea infestation, it’s time to call in the expert flea exterminator in Lawrence. With the right tools and expertise, a flea exterminator can effectively eradicate the infestation and prevent it from coming back.

That’s where A1 Howies come in. We are dedicated to providing effective and efficient flea extermination in Lawrence, using safe and reliable methods to ensure your home is free of these pesky pests. A1 Howies knows the importance of quick and thorough extermination to keep you and your family safe and comfortable in your home. Trust in our expert knowledge and experience to get rid of those pesky fleas for good.

A1 Howies have been serving communities for years with our unbeatable pest control services. We are highly experienced and skilled in getting rid of all kinds of pests, from creepy crawlies, rodents to pesky fleas. Our team is committed to providing the best possible service for our clients, ensuring that they feel safe and protected in their homes and businesses. With A1 Howies fleas extermination services, customers can trust that they are in good hands. We make use of the latest tools and techniques to ensure that our clients’ spaces are free of fleas infestation. If you’re looking for reliable, effective, and affordable fleas control, look no further than A1 Howies pest exterminator.