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Carpenter ants exterminator Woodmere

Carpenter ants can be a nuisance to homeowners in Woodmere. These tiny invaders can cause significant damage to wooden structures in your home, leaving you with costly repairs. Fortunately, there’s a way to get rid of them for good. By contacting a carpenter ants exterminator in Woodmere, you can be sure that your home will be free from these pesky insects. With their expertise and specialized equipment, they can locate and eliminate the entire colony, leaving your property safe and secure. So don’t let carpenter ants take over your home. 

Our skilled carpenter ant exterminators are trained to identify and eliminate carpenter ant infestations quickly and effectively, giving you peace of mind and protecting your home from further damage. Don’t let these invasive insects wreak havoc on your home – contact A1 Howies today to schedule your carpenter ant extermination!


Nobody would like to think about unwanted visitors, which are hovering around your house. You have bed bugs, roaches, and termites, which can make your life a living hell. If you want to get rid of the miserable situation and get the best help, then pest controlling services from us at A1 Howies will be your top destination of all time. We are here to connect you to the pest controlling expert that you can always count on. 

The unique climate conditions make Woodmere highly attractive to pests. So, you need to catch up with the best pest controlling experts from us, as investing in their services is more than a necessity these days. Fortunately, the team consists of licensed and insured exterminators only, who have a sterling reputation in this market.

You get to accept quotes or numbers that you like. All the services are well backed up by the money-back guarantee services. So, you are getting exactly what you are paying for. In case the pests keep coming back even after our services, which is a rare instance, then we will head back to your place and offer you a solution free of cost. That’s the beauty of pest controlling services right now.


It is always true that you need professionals, who are able to offer you the best ants extermination service. With complete and effective ants control and prevention services throughout, it is always important for you to get in touch with the best team of experts for help. Whether you are suffering from pavement ants or carpenter ants, small ant removal, or willing to get help with odorous house ants, our team from A1 Howies will always be your right call to address. We are here to destroy all kinds of ants at their right source.

We are pretty sure of all the tricks and tips, which will prevent the ants from crawling around your place. We are not just going to get rid of the current infestation but will ensure that you get the best service all the way through. Our team works with the best chemicals, which will prevent the ants from coming back for more. Our services are always over the top and will provide the best no-obligation estimate to cover up with!

You can check out our honest reviews to see how we have helped people facing the same issue as yours. The best part about our company is that we serve the whole of Woodmere for you. So, next time whenever you are dealing with the best ants removal service, no matter where you stay in Woodmere, we have just the right plans in place for you.


The last thing you want in your place is roaches roaming around. They carry different kinds of diseases, which will ensure that you live a very unhealthy life. Cockroaches are known to live in the darkest corners of the house and can feed on your garbage. They carry multiple diseases, and some of them will have a major effect on your body. If you don’t want that to happen to you, getting rid of them is the ultimate goal to consider.

Well, you must always remember that killing only one roach that you can see won’t solve the issues. Cockroaches are known to live in bigger groups. So, if you have spotted one or two roaches, chances are high that they have already formed a major colony for you to invade. You can’t get rid of them just like that because you need to find the root of the problem. You need to find their colonies first and then check out the entry and exit points, through which they are getting access to your house.

You have to seal down those places just to ensure that the roaches have nowhere to go. Then there are some chemical sprays available, which will kill them and create a protective barrier around your house so that roaches won’t be able to invade further. Well, you can’t cover all these services on your own, but the team of professionals from A1 Howies can! So, give us a call so that we can start with our services, right away without wasting a single time!


Cricket extermination can turn out to be quite extreme. But, if you notice such pests in your yards or garden, it is a sign that you give our team from A1 Howies a call right away to get rid of such infestations from the get-go. Maybe while sitting outside to enjoy the fresh air you can hear chirping. Well, field crickets are usually outside, and then you have house crickets, which will nestle inside your house. While crickets might not present a hazard to humans, they can damage your property and create a noisy nuisance.

Most of the time, cricket extermination will cover up the services within a single visit from our local pest control professional from A1 Howies at Woodmere. But, if the issue is way out of hand, then you probably have to go for more than one sitting. It all depends on the current condition of your place. To determine the right factor, we will provide you with the best inspection services. Here, our inspector will visit your place first and then check out the condition.

After making a thorough report, we will let you know about the number of sittings required and a quotation you help you pre-set a budget plan. Once we get a green signal from your side, we will start working on the solutions right away! 

In the end, it won’t be tough for you to get rid of crickets with our help on your side. We have been associated with the pest control field for a long time and have helped so many people with their cricket issues. So, doing the same for you won’t be tough!


The house mouse is the most detrimental pest in all over Woodmere and is second only to humans as the common mammal across the nation. These mice are notorious nibblers who can jump, climb and swim to get to their favorite food items, which are mostly found around open fields, farms, houses, and commercial buildings. They are mostly targeted to be fearless and curious creatures, which are known to chew through the electrical cables, walls, and storage containers to get what they are actually looking for. 

In case you are facing some crucial issues and need help with the house mice infestation, then we at A1 Howies will be the first and foremost call for you to venture into. We make it a point to help you get in touch with the best critter control services, for which you don’t have to invest a whole lot of money as well! That’s the positive sign of working with experts like us.

Well, the house mouse is considered to be the most successful rodent that can adapt to the livelihood of people. It can be found anywhere people are and will be feeding on human good, sheltering in the human structures, and also reproducing at the faster rate possible. It is always considered to be the most troublesome and economically important vertebrate pest. Mice can easily contaminate thousands of dollars worth of food in no time. They further have the tendency to damage possessions and cause electrical fires with constant gnawing. 

So, waste no time further and get in touch with our services right away from A1 Howies. We are more than ready to help.


The time has come when you need to take your yard back from the wasps and stinging insects like yellow jackets and more. But, you need professionals to do the same and that’s when we, at A1 Howies, come to the rescue. Bees, wasps, and hornets are notorious for taking up residence on your property. They can further make your life a living hell! The last thing you want on an evening is to get stung by insects, while you are trying to enjoy the breeze in your backyard!

Giving us a call right away is the first and foremost thing to consider while you are dealing with stinging insects and wasps. You can’t get rid of them on your own as there are special tools and training required to get the task started. We have been training our professionals for so long with the best modules and will help you to provide the best response, as and when asked for. 

We will start off the task by thoroughly inspecting the nests and voids, where the activities are highly observed. It will give us the chance to target the proper areas and then determine just the right treatment method to use. Depending on our findings, we will start to treat the nest. The treatments are subject to vary, depending on the specified species that we will be addressing. Once the task is safe to cover, we will remove the nest entirely, only if it is possible.

In the end, it is all about saving you the problems of stinging pests. You don’t have to do anything and just give us space to work on your project. We will always provide you with the best service ever!


If you have bee infestation at your place then that’s a mixed dilemma. You can’t go on living with the fear of getting stung at any time of the day. On the other hand, you can’t kill bees because they are good for nature and help in the pollination of trees. So, the only probable solution is to catch up with the best company, which can safely help in removing the beehives from the noted place. Well, you don’t have to look anywhere else for such help once you have us at A1 Howies to the rescue.

We are going to be your one-stop solution for pest treatments and control services. These services will include removing bees not just from residential areas, but from commercial and industrial sectors as well. Bees are known to nestle in sunny and warm corners of the house. So, you will probably find beehives outdoor on your patio, on your outdoor furniture, or at the corner of your windows. You need special gear to remove them safely without harming the insects.

You can’t do that on your own and need special help from experts. That’s when you need to choose us at A1 Howies for help. We have all the probable gears used for protection and to help remove beehives from your location. Join us right away for premium quality help all the time now!


To all the residents of Woodmere, you all must have experienced some kind of pest infestation in your lives. But have you come across fleas infestations anytime? If yes, then you must be aware of the steps you need to take in such a situation. If not, then you must first understand that this is a grave situation that requires immediate action and solution. Then you need to get in touch with a professional fleas exterminator in Woodmere for long-lasting and positive results. These companies are well-equipped to handle the infestation with the best techniques and methods and treat the infestation with full effect and efficiency. A1 Howies is one such trusted fleas exterminator in Woodmere.

With years of experience under our belts, the team at A1 Howies knows exactly how to tackle these pesky pests and keep them from wreaking havoc in your home. Plus, we use effective treatments that are tough on the bugs, but gentle on your family and pets. So, if you’re looking for an expert extermination team that can get the job done right, look no further than A1 Howies.